Welcome to Sugondese

Mini game where you try to get these little ninjas out of a gambling debt by collecting shitcoins.

Free to play on Windows and Macs

Game Ready Collectibles

This game was made with collectibles integration in mind from day one. The game is free to play for everyone but these skins will give you access to leaderboard.

Sugon Collectible 1

Lee Gandhi

420 Minted. In game skin + leaderboard access.

Sugon Collectible

Ninja 2

Digital collectible coming soon

Sugon Collectible 3

Ninja 3

Digital collectible coming soon

Ninja Lore


These Ninjas are from the land of Sugondese. They are kind hearted Ninjas but they have a gambling addiction which caused them to lose their Dojo to the evil rich billionaire Mr Landon.

Ever since then, they have been participating in Game Shows hosted by Mr Landon, putting their bodies on line just to make some shitcoin which hopefully they can use to buy back their dojo. If the shitcoin devs don’t rug of course.